HITop Table

⚡️ 12 universal charging cords
⚡️ 4 outlets and 8 USB ports
⚡️ Round glass top table with spill-proof edges
⚡️ Ultra Sturdy Construction
⚡️ Also available in Coffee Table height

With Wireless Charging
⚡️ 4 wireless rapid-charging spots
⚡️ Beautiful Corian® Shelf


HITop Table

Our most popular charging station, the HiTop is an attractive, ultra-sturdy charging tables are ideal for almost any situation. Heavy, round tempered glass tabletops with spill proof edges sit atop 4 charging bays with a total of 12 charging cords. Also available are 8 USB ports and 4 outlets for charging laptops.  Opt for wireless charging and add 4 more charging spots.  Multiple ares for customized branding make these tables perfect for restaurants, bars, universities, food courts and sports arenas.


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