Mini goPower Solar Charger

⚡️ Designed for easy portability
⚡️ Provides power in emergency situations
⚡️ Charge up to 6 cell phones or 3 tablets at a time.
⚡️ Powers up to 4 high-brightness, low-energy LED lights
⚡️ The 2A 12V Socket (cigarette lighter) can power a variety of 12V devices including small appliances
⚡️ Master on/off switch
⚡️ Battery level and charge indicator

Mini goPower Solar Charger

The Mini goPower is a complete solar management system designed for easy portability, perfect for providing power on-the-go and in emergency situations. Tough, durable and reliable, the Mini goPower provides charging capacity for multiple cell phones or tablets, and enough light to fully illuminate medium sized rooms or large outdoor areas.


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