UVC Disinfection Charging Cabinets

Pure Zone Charging Carts

  • UVC Disinfection within 5 minutes
  • Adjustable timer for disinfection and charging
  • Safe and easy to use
​This is a non-medical device

UVC Disinfection Charging Cabinets

When keeping everyone safe and connected is a priority, we rely on our devices and need them to be safe and ready to use at all times. However, viruses and other bacteria can live on devices for as long as 3 days. In settings where many people are touching the same device, this could contribute to the spread of germs. To help create the safest environment possible, keeping devices clean, charged and ready to use is essential.

The UVC Charging Cart can be paired with IntelliTrack by DM Diversified a leading provider of inventory management and asset tracking solutions. Now, you can easily locate devices and return them to the cart for charging and sanitizing after use. Perfect for places like schools or hospitals with large volumes of devices and users, it’s an all-in-one, single source solution that can help you go the extra mile to keep people safe.


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