Increase your speed of productivity with the Velocity solar workstation. This compact yet powerful hub sports a 170-mph wind rating while utilizing a range of eco-friendly materials, keeping in line with all DM Diversified products.

  • 660W solar array
  • Recycled plastic lumber table top and benches
  • Powder coated structural steel
  • LED lighting
  • Two 120V outlets
  • Five dual port USB/USB-C outlets, including fast charging ports
  • Two Qi Wireless Chargers
  • Multiple bench options
  • Highly durable materials
  • 75-150 charges/day
  • 170 mph wind-rating, self-ballasted
  • ADA Accessible*
  • Financing available

* Velocity is fully ADA Accessible with side access to controls and workspace. Optional workspace modification available to provide front access.


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