Revenue Generating Products by DM Diversified

Revenue Generating Products

At DM Diversified We Offer More Than Just Promotional Products. We Provide Full Scale Marketing Plans Including Revenue Based Products Designed To Lower Or Eliminate Your Personal Expenses

Revenue Generating Products


Kiosks & Machinery

Show your company’s COMMITMENT to health & well-being. Visually connect your BRAND to current public health safety concerns by utilizing high-definition displays including full advertising capabilities!!

Cinema & Theater

Captivate your audience where they will see you, THE MOVIES!! They can’t fast forward & your spot will run an average of 2.5x/film; that’s full attention advertising.

Affiliateship Program by DM Diversified


Become a DM distributor today. Sign up, sell a product you know and love, earn additional income. If you love our products, tell a friend or colleague, it could be that simple.

Kiosks & Machinery

Our products are more than just protective equipment! Run promotional ads of your own or have others pay you to runs their marketing to your audience.

The Truth About Kiosks As Revenue Generating Products

Overall, research has found that customers that charge their phones will spend 29% more than customers that don’t.

An independent study by research firm GfK concluded that having a phone charging station in your store can increase basket size by 29% and conversion rates by 54%!

Cinema & Theater

Gain Undivided Attention That Has Time Tested Beneficial Results.

Cinema Stats

The movie theater advertisements that the moviegoers watch are more consciously and methodically processed by the human brain. This proves that the cinema is indeed a more engaging medium for many different brands.

Movie theaters are eight times more effective than TV in ensuring that a brand stands a cut above the rest. 

Affiliate Program

If you love our products, promote them!! Becoming an affiliate of DM Diversified will earn you extra cash while promoting products and services you believe in!

Sign Up, Earn Cash

Let’s begin a life-long partnership that benefits us both!! Become an affiliate distributor for DM Diversified. Earn a commission for marketing for a product that you already know, love, and trust!

Affiliate Program by DM Diversified
  • 16% of all orders made online can be attributed to the impact of affiliate marketing.